About Me

Serene is the name that I was given at birth. My mom wanted to be different so she chose a name that she had never heard given to any one else before. So far in my life, my mom has been right; I’ve not met anyone with my name. What that means to me is that I was destined to be one of a kind or at least rare, as I am sure someone out there exists with my exact name. I love my name. I like to think of it as my God-given name. I also love the many other names that have been given to me during my journey through life thus far. They define who I am and are just as special as the name that I was given when I was born.

To my husband of almost 11 years I am “Sweetie”. We began dating back in high school. In my year book he wrote that I was the one that he was going to marry. I’m glad he was right about that. And although, we have our ups and downs I could not have chosen a better (or cuter) soul mate.

To my 3 children I am “Mommy” or “Ma” I have two boys ages 11 and 8, and a little 8 month old girl. For the purpose of this blog, we will call them Papi, Munch and Lylo Bean. They are my everything: my pains in the butt, and the wind beneath my wings.

To my brother I am “Chica”. Growing up it was just me and him. He’s much taller than I am now, but make no mistakes, I am the oldest. Our mom always said two children were enough. She got a boy and a girl and concluded that there is no other gender that she could have so the buck stopped there.

To my dad, I am “Surrey” and to my entire family I am “Renie”. Both names are derived from my actual name and while they make me sound like I am still 4 years old, my family could care less and will still call me as such regardless of the setting.

And last but not least, to my mom, I am “Sweet Pea”. I can’t remember a time when she called me anything different. No matter how many educational degrees I earn, no matter if the plaque on my office door reads Assistant Director or Education Director, and it definitely doesn’t matter if she is addressing me in front of my own children, to my mother, I am “Sweet Pea”.

My blog “My Sweet Pea and Me” is dedicated to those who have given me my many names.

It was created to inspire readers and designed with the hopes that it will spark dialogue between those who visit and care to share their thoughts. While I welcome all who enter, I do ask that the comments and feedback that are shared are respectful and mindful of the many people who come from various backgrounds whether it be cultural, ethnic, spiritual, etc. The intentions of “My Sweet Pea and Me” are to never to offend, but to help, and uplift.

I welcome you all with open arms and invite you to play, learn and grow with me.


Sweet Pea