We Have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Tomorrow my children start summer camp.  They are not new to summer camp at all but this particular summer camp is new to them.  In the past they have always attended summer camp where both my husband and I have worked.  If they needed us we were always no less than 5 minutes away.   However, this year they are beginning an all new summer camp which is VERY different from what they are use to.  My babies are going to be traveling an hour away from the city, going upstate New York every single day for the next 4 weeks!  Talk about an adjustment! And not just for them, but for me as well.  I’m scared y’all.  They have never ever been that far away from me unless it was with family.   

As I was saying goodnight to them this evening, they expressed to me that they too are a bit frightened of this new experience.  “How am I going to make new friends?, Are you going to be able to come with us mom?, and What are we going to do if we need help and there are no counselors around?” These were all the questions that I was hit with this evening.  Now, I usually try to make it a rule of being honest with my children so I told them the truth about how I am feeling as well. I shared with them that I too am a bit nervous about them going so far from me.  But I also explained to them that because we are all scared, this is the main reason that they have to go.  They have to go so we can all face our fears and see that there is nothing to fear at all.  

As parents, sometimes our fears and reservations can lead to us not allowing our children to explore the things that they may be curious about exploring. 

We must always remember that we are our children’s first teachers and if we always project our emotions and thoughts about every little and big thing on our children, we run the risk of them not coming to their own conclusions about the world. 

We can also discourage them from seeing things that may benefit them in the long run.  This whole camp thing is one of the many things that I know I have to just say a prayer about and leave it in God’s hands.  I have to trust that my babies will be better than fine and they will have their best summer yet. I went to summer camp far from home as a young child and it was a time in my life that I will never forget.  So why should I hold them back? I shouldn’t and I won’t.  

Talk to you soon!

Share with me: What personal fears, dislikes, concerns, or worries do you have that you have made it your business to NOT pass on to your child OR What dislikes, fears, concerns, worries have you projected on your child?


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