The Most Important Job in the World

Last night I was so excited about the thought of going to bed early.  The weekend had been filled with such excitement that it threw everyone off schedule. Last night was to be the night that I reset my body and get the rest that it had longed for over the past couple of days. I did my regularly scheduled nightly routines, including preparing Lylo’s bottles, washing the dishes, and preparing myself for the next day.  However, you should know where this is going; things did not work out quite the way that I envisioned.  Shortly after putting Little Lylo to bed, I looked out into the backyard only to see my two boys engaging in a quarrel that I had to interfere in immediately.  Now, I understand that sibling rivalry will happen, however, there are certain activities and behaviors that I will not accept from my children.  I will spare you the details of everything that I witnessed, but let’s just say I thought that the particular behavior that I witnessed warranted a conversation especially between me and my oldest son Papi. Once again, I won’t delve into the ins and outs of all that was said, but the gist of the conversation was that the expectation I have for Papi as an older brother is that he always has his brother’s best interest in mind.  I reminded him that our family is like a team, (I referenced a basketball team in particular, as that is what he is most familiar with) and as a team, we have to make sure our teammates always feel supported and encouraged. An hour and a half later Papi seemed to understand where I was coming from which was a definite positive, but when I looked at the clock it was much later than I wanted to climb into bed.

The next morning, as I sat at my office desk, one of my co-workers inquired about why I was so tired.  After explaining to her in deeper details, the events that took place the night before, she responded, in a genuinely surprised manner I love that you take out the time to really talk to your children.  While I thanked her for her compliment, I replied quickly, in the next breath, “Of course, that’s my job”.  And when I thought more intently about the matter I concluded that no matter what work I’ve done all day or how long my to-do list grows, my most important obligation is to my children and more importantly the most crucial job that I have is to raise children to be grown-ups who have goals, morals, values, and respect for others.  Why is this an important job? Well, because the children I raise today will be the adults that impact society tomorrow.  I understand that everything that I pour into my children will be exactly what comes out of them in the future. Being a parent is serious business and it is a job not to be taken lightly. So no matter how tired I am, I have to take out the time to do my job effectively.  I couldn’t call myself a teacher if I didn’t take advantage of the teachable moments especially when it comes to teaching the students that were given to me for life.


Share with me: What “teachable moment” conversation have you had with your children? 

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