The Perfect Gift

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This saying is especially true for my 8 year old son, Munch. On any given day, he could be found near the recycling bin in our home, searching for what I thought was trash but he thinks otherwise. In his 8 years, he has created a bird house, a variety of picture frames, a collection of pretend weapons including ninja stars and bow and arrows, a few original board games, and some pretty awesome mazes filled with booby traps for any unsuspecting Lego figurine.
His inventions usually begin with him protesting that we not throw out the empty milk carton, oatmeal container, or whatever he catches us using the last of. Most times we honor his request, but there are times , I’ll admit, when we are adamantly against him hoarding garbage (come on, our home is but so big!) Anyhow, once he gets his hands on the desired recyclable, he begins his quest for other items to aid in his creativity: “do we have any tape?, do you know where i can find string?, do we have a stapler?, do we have something about this tall and this wide that can fit in this space?”. He becomes a man on a mission.
So this Christmas, I decided that one of his gifts would be dedicated to the inventor in him. I found a hardware storage box in Target equipped with partitions for all kinds of nifty small doo-dads. The box itself was only 7 bucks (my kind of gift!). Once I arrived home, I searched through our stationery/ junk drawers in the basement and was able to find tape, string, screws, glue sticks, and a few other odds and ends that he usually incorporates in his inventions.
What I ended up with up is a cool utility box that contains many of the things that he would need for his next creation.
Utility box: $7.00
The contents of the box: 15 steps down to the basement
The look on his face when he opened the gift on Christmas morning: priceless.

Now, that’s a great Christmas gift.

Talk to you soon-Serene

Share with me: Describe the most thoughtful gift that you’ve ever received or the most thoughtful gift someone has ever given you.


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