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A Free-Range Helicopter Parent

Recently on Nightline, there was a story about Free Range Parenting. Now, if you are anything like me, who had never heard of this term, then you’re probably saying, “What the heck is Free Range Parenting!? When I think of free range, I think of chickens”. But Free Range Parenting is exactly that same concept. […]

The Mom Folder

The idea of a “Mom Folder” was definitely not one that I came up with, so I can’t take the credit. The concept was passed down to me from a fellow coworker and mom, but once I learned about it, I took it and ran with it. And now I pass it down to you 🙂 […]

To Spank or Not to Spank

“It’s time to start popping her hands” a family member said to me as they watched my one-year old, Bean, walking around touching everything she could reach. My response, which is my go-to response when I don’t agree with a suggestion, was to stay completely silent. But in mind, an entire monologue was beginning to […]

How Are You Really Feeling?

I love my kids! Let me just start by saying that,so once you read on, you don’t think otherwise. So with that out of the way, let me just ask: is it wrong for me to tell me children to “Please get out of my room”?, is it mean for me to say, “Hey, I […]

Boxes, Doors, and Windows

On Sunday, I worked in my basement, attempting to once again unpack boxes that came from the old apartment over a year ago. It seems as if the boxes multiply over the week because I could have sworn there were not this many boxes when I was down there last weekend. As I pulled out […]

All’s Fair in Love and Basketball

“You are off the team!” I shouted through clenched teeth. That was the last thing I said before he walked out the door. Well, technically the last thing I said was “I love you” because you should never depart from a loved one without saying you love them. But right before that, “You are off […]

The Perfect Gift

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This saying is especially true for my 8 year old son, Munch. On any given day, he could be found near the recycling bin in our home, searching for what I thought was trash but he thinks otherwise. In his 8 years, he has created a bird house, […]

Oh Well!!

This world is full of standards.  The New Oxford Dictionary defines standards as “A level of quality or attainment”. There are standards for how one should conduct themselves at their place of business. These are listed in one’s job description. There are standards for what a child should be doing by a certain age. Depending […]

Shifting Gears

Currently my family and I are partial owners of a two family home that we share with my mother.  I know that some of you read that first line and thought “she must be crazy. That’s a recipe for disaster”.  Trust me, I see where it definitely could be, but I also see the bigger […]

A Healthy Balance

As a mom it’s very easy to have a one track mind and I’m definitely not referring to sex cause let’s face it, usually when you have little ones running around, sex is the last thing that you can focus on.  But, back to the topic at hand. As a mom it’s really easy to […]