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The Most Important Job in the World

Last night I was so excited about the thought of going to bed early.  The weekend had been filled with such excitement that it threw everyone off schedule. Last night was to be the night that I reset my body and get the rest that it had longed for over the past couple of days. […]

To Change or Not to Change

It’s Saturday and once again, in my household there is moaning and groaning from Papi and Munch as I explain to them for the hundredth time,  that they have chores to do before we can begin our activities of the day. They don’t seem to understand the importance of doing chores and rather than getting […]

The Writing’s on the Wall

When my boys were very little, they loved to write on everything besides the paper I provided them with.  No matter how many times I stressed to them that we only write on paper, I would find stray marker scribbles on the wall.  I remember speaking to many parents and discovering that I was not […]

The Sock Bag

My children, like many others, are not very good at keeping their socks together.  I lay out a matching pair of socks for them, they put on a matching pair of socks, and at bath time they take off a pair of matching socks. But somewhere between them taking off the matching pair of socks […]

We Have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Tomorrow my children start summer camp.  They are not new to summer camp at all but this particular summer camp is new to them.  In the past they have always attended summer camp where both my husband and I have worked.  If they needed us we were always no less than 5 minutes away.   […]

Just a Mom

My decision to have a third child was definitely not a choice that I made on my own.  T and I had talked about having a third child, but it was only talk.  My husband comes from a big family so having more children was always an option for him.  Me being one of two, […]

Unexpectedly Expecting

Two days ago I received some very surprising news.  Despite all of my planning and prevention methods, my husband and I are expecting!! Oh…My….Goodness (Jaw still dropping).  The news came in the form of an email as that is how my doctor reveals all blood-work results.  To say that I was shocked is an understatement. […]

Completing a Puzzle

The decision to move from the classroom to an office was a really tough one for me to make. I had worked so many years hands- on with the little ones that I didn’t think that I could be happy sitting behind a desk pushing papers; even if the papers did relate to programming details. […]

There is Power in a Name

From as far back as I can remember I have always been my mother’s “Sweet Pea”.  It is a name that I was given very early on and even now at the age of 33, no matter who is present, if my mother is in the room, I am “Sweet Pea”.  There was a time in […]