Introduction: Bridging the Gap one Word at a Time

Pot of Sweet Peas

In everything that we do, we should have a purpose.  If not, we tend to lose focus because we never had a clear vision of why we began the task in the first place.

When I first began teaching, I knew that I wanted to open up the eyes of young children to see the world as an exciting place full of possibilities and adventure.  When I became an Education Director, I knew that I wanted to teach teachers to look at the world through the eyes of young children.  As a mother, I know that my purpose is to raise my sons to be leaders and innovative, independent thinkers.

And now as I embark on my blogging journey, I know that my purpose is to bridge a gap that sadly exists to this very day. 

For 13 years of my teaching career I worked in a location where I taught children who came from moderate to highly affluent homes.  Children who would visit their country houses on the weekends, and had accumulated more frequent flyer mileage by the age of 4 than I may ever accumulate in my lifetime.  While there is nothing at all wrong with that, this privileged lifestyle was also reflected in the education that children in this area receive.

I taught in this type of environment for years and I loved every minute of it.  However, at the end of each day, I commuted back home to a specific area in the Bronx where, although it was 40 minutes away from my place of work, the education system was light years away from what I knew to be the most beneficial for the children who are (cliche or not), our future.

Day after day, I had to ask myself WHY?  Why are the young children in my neighborhood allowed to walk through the streets late at nigh unaccompanied by adults?  Why do the parents think its okay to call the children names using profanity?   At first I had convinced myself that the families in my neighborhood just didn’t want better for themselves and that’s why the children are not doing better. But after a closer look at myself, which is what we should all do every now and then, I realized that my first thought was not entirely true.  It’s deeper than that and it definitely doesn’t apply to all people in this area.

For the most part ALL people want to do better than what they are doing.  They just don’t possess any keys to unlock the doors to doing better AND they don’t even know that they can pick the lock to open doors.   Either way, the lack is what causes people to become content or complacent with doing absolutely nothing. Parents become complacent so children do nothing.  Teachers become frustrated so the students suffer, funding becomes low so people become discouraged.  These may be all excuses but even the weakest excuse can have the strongest impact.  And while we are sitting around playing the blame game, our children are growing up to be fractions of what they can be.

With all of these things realized, I felt as if I could no longer be content with going to work in my upscale neighborhood, all the while judging what I didn’t understand at first.  The late, famous entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “if you don’t like how things are, change it! Your’e not a tree”.  As an educator, I don’t like the inequality that is ever present in our school system and as a parent I don’t like that other parents who want the best for their children have to jump so many hurdles just to scrape the bottom of the barrel. And as a parent who is an educator, I don’t like that people don’t realize that all of it starts at home.  I don’t like it, any of it, and because I am not tree, but a person with a voice, I would not be living up to my potential if I didn’t attempt to turn this system on its head and share what I know.  And that’s where this blog comes in.

Through my experiences, I have picked up a few tricks and practices that have become instrumental in shaping my views and even managing my household as it relates to children.  My sons have had exposure to things that will contribute to the purposeful mission that my husband and I have for their lives. And I have obtained a wealth of knowledge that has opened my mind to all the possibilities for our children.  And what good is wealth, if you can’t share it? The main purpose of this site is to begin a dialogue with parents and educators as we navigate through the most important jobs ever. On “My Sweet Pea and Me”, guest can expect to find:

  • Developmentally appropriate activities for parents and caregivers to do with young children.
  • My thoughts on many child-related issues and trends that exist today in society.
  • A glance into my life as a parent and how I handle certain situation.
  • Tips and advice for families that inspire togetherness, and communication.
  • And last, but certainly not least, my process and progress as I work to make “My Sweet Pea and Me” go from a blog to an actual preschool/ Mommy and Me program based in the Bronx.

I am so excited to share with you.

Talk to you soon!

Share with me: What kinds of things would you like to read about on a blog about family, children, and entrepreneurship?  

Welcome to My Sweet Pea and Me

  • Hello All,

I would like to welcome you to My Sweet Pea and Me.  This blog has mentally been in the works for quite some time and I am very excited to finally put “pen to paper” (so to speak) and make the vision become a reality.

My name is Serene and although my name means “calm”, my life is anything but. I am a mom of 3, a wife for almost 11 years, a full-time Early Childhood Education Director, and an aspiring business owner. So why did I decide to add the role of blogger to my many titles? It’s definitely not because I’m bored.  Well, the simple answer is that the demands of my many roles have birthed a need for an outlet.

The longer answer goes a little something like this:

Since as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher.  I was that girl who lined up her stuffed animals in chairs and hung a piece of paper on the wall to pretend that I had my very own classroom.  When my younger brother, who is six years younger than I am, was of school age, I was that sister who talked him into turning off the television to make him be my real life student.  As he sat next to my cabbage patch kids, and Magic nursery dolls, he was forced to learn arithmetic, biology and how to format a perfect essay although he was only 7.  He was probably the only 2nd grader in his class that knew the pythagorean theorem.  I just had to teach!!!

Fortunately, I knew from an early age what I wanted to be when I grew up so it made my schooling decisions after high school very easy to make.  I went on to complete my Associates Degree in Early Childhood, my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and then finally my Master’s Degree once again in Early Childhood Education.  I currently hold my teaching certification in both Early Childhood and Elementary education.  In my career, I have tutored Bi-lingual Elementary students, taught in toddler and parent programs, created curriculums for Nursery  classes, and held the title of Education Director for a few Early Childhood Programs.

While on this road that I have been traveling, I have picked up some tips that have aided me in my field, as well as in my parenting. In fact, I have found that the two roles heavily influence one another.  As a teacher, I have discovered a voice within in myself that would like to teach all that I know to those who care to learn from me. And thus, my idea for a blog was born.

My experience as a mom and an educator definitely does not make me an expert on children but it does give me a story to tell and knowledge to share. This blog probably won’t be the parent manual that we are all looking for, but it is my hopes that it will serve as a few of the chapters of said manual. This blog is intended for parents, educators, wives, and dreamers,  as I am all those things and would love to share the many pieces of me with all of you.

Once again, I welcome you to “My Sweet Pea and Me”. I hope that as I fill the pages of this blog that it will fill the pages of the manual for your own children.

 So once again, I welcome you and yours to My Sweet Pea and Me.

Talk to you soon!