Review Time: Fuerza Bruta

Show: Fuerza Bruta

Location: Daryl Roth Theater- 101 E 15th St
New York, NY 10003
United States

My Show Time: 7pm

I may be getting old.

Wow, this is powerful.

I may be overthinking this.

I’m a little confused.

I’m very confused.

These were the thoughts that raced through my mind as I stood there in the show Fuerza Bruta. Yes, I said stood. Stood…along with 100 other people. I may be exaggerating. It may have only been 60 people, but as a person who gets anxious in a crowd, it felt like 100 people. And it was all types of people: older people, middle aged people, teens, and a few older children. The point is there were no seats. But what there was…., was a lot going on. There was drumming, there was dancing, there were strobe lights, there was a D.J., there was water, there was wind.

I’ve never been a “club-type” person so the call to jump up and down was not one that I felt the need to answer; not in my teenage years, and definitely not now. Though, I must admit, the rhythm of the drums did evoke me to shake my groove thang a little bit.
But back to the “a lot going on”.

There was a man running on a conveyer belt, which at first just seemed like a pretty cool scene until he gets shot and the “blood” runs down his shirt only for him to reveal a clean shirt under the stained shirt. At this point I can’t help but to notice that he’s a black man and the suspension device used to ensure that he doesn’t fall off the conveyor belt, now reminds me of a noose. So now I’m wondering if this show is about the struggles of being a minority in this society. Am I overthinking this? I wonder. But then the man begins to run and break through props that remind me of the many barriers that black men have to encounter and overcome on a daily basis. And I think, surely this is what this is all about! This is deep!!
Then comes the extremely thick plexi glass ceiling that is durable enough to support gallons of water and the 4 women who are belly flopping and sliding like penguins over our heads. And I think, “huh?” What does this have to do with the struggle? Perhaps I have overthought this (side-eye).

No, I can’t be overthinking this because now there’s a segment with women who seem to symbolize a liberation movement, as they shed half of their business attire to break out into some serious drumming. (I’m moved to dancing again. The drums always get me!)
Then the ceiling lowers once again and the “penguin sliding” resumes, and the audience is encouraged to reach up and touch the ceiling as it gets closer and closer to the crowd (A claustrophobic person’s worse nightmare).

And I’m confused again.

But the crowd around me is shouting and jumping and I’m wondering perhaps I’m missing something. Perhaps I too should have purchased an alcoholic beverage that is available for sale in the lobby. Perhaps the secret to the point of the show is found at the bottom of the cup.

By the time the show is over I’m left trying to read the looks on the faces of the guest that I invited, hoping they don’t beat me up for wasting an hour of their life. But they smile and say, “It was fun. It was interesting. It was good. It was different. I liked it.” I just smile in return and wish that I could have an opportunity to talk, just briefly, with the creators of this show to ask “What the…?”
But the show has been around since 2003, when it originated in Buenos Aires, and it has been running in New York at the Daryl Roth Theater since 2007, so there is definitely a crowd out there who thinks dancing and tapping into a deep level of consciousness, all while getting misted with water, slapped by confetti, and hit by gusts of wind from giant fans is an amazing experience.

So, why did I go see it in the first place, you ask, because there were definitely many opportunities for me to have seen what the show was all about before stepping foot in the theater. Yes, this is certainly true. However, the tickets were a gift to me and although I read about it, I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about. You never fully know some things until you try it. Well, I came, I saw, I conquered, and I scratched my head in confusion.

There’s something out there for everyone. It certainly wasn’t for me, but it may be for you.

Talk to you soon,

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Review Time: The Gazillion Bubble Show

Bubble Show

Review: The Gazillion Bubble Show
Location: New World Stages, 340 50th street between 8th and 9th
Show time: 11am

This weekend for exactly one hour, I was transported back in time to my childhood when the simple things in life kept me mesmerized and smiling in amazement. That is the only way that I could describe how I felt while watching the Gazillion Bubble Show along with my three children and the hubby.
I was gifted the tickets this past week, and while I had been meaning to take the kiddies to see this exact show when it first appeared a few years ago, I just never got around to it. Boy, am I happy that I was given the opportunity to finally see it.

Prior to going to the show, I looked up a bit of information about it, because I was on the fence about bringing my 15 month old. I didn’t know how she’d react to the dark theater or the crowd. But the site said, “fun for all ages” and that’s exactly what it was.

For exactly an hour, the bubble making genius Melody Yang captivated  the entire audience with tricks and illusions that had everyone sitting with our mouths hanging open, scratching our heads, as we wondered how in the world she made these bubbles do such fascinating things! (Spoiler Alert: Who knew bubbles could be square shaped?!!) I’ve blown a lot of bubbles in my days and the fanciest trick I’ve ever done was to catch the bubble on the end of the wand.
I mean, really, even my 12 year old turned to me during the show and said “Mom, this is so cool!” And listen, when you are a pre-teen, the words “mom” and “cool” rarely go together. rI definitely didn’t think he’d enjoy half as much as he did. But, honestly, even the coolest kid couldn’t help but to jump out of their seat, swatting wildly in the air, as the crowd was engulfed in a sea of bubbles multiple time throughout the show.

I knew that bubbles made children happy but this show proved that we all still have little children hidden in us that something as simple as bubbles can obviously unlock.

Would I recommend this show?: Definitely!

Who would I recommend this show for?: Anyone who likes to smile and occasionally enjoys the feeling of being a kid again.

1. The theater was small ,intimate and the stadium seating allowed for the stage to be viewed no matter how tall the person is that is sitting in front of you .
2. There are two parking lots across the street.
3. You can purchase your own container of Gazillion Bubbles at the bubble store in the theater lobby. (I’ve actually used these bubbles back in my teaching days and they are the best by far!)
4.  There is stroller parking available.

1.  There are no changing tables in the bathroom that I visited but I was told that a changing table does exist in a different kind bathroom on a different floor.
2.  There is a mandatory $20 Cash Only “Lap Seat” Ticket Fee for children under the age of  2.

3. Be prepared to spend $5 for a pack of M&Ms as well as a few other individual items that are being sold by a person who walks around the theater before he show actually begins.

Overall Rating:
Five peas in a pod! (A perfect score)

Talk to you soon,

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